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MS Attendance at MSHS Athletic Events

Middle School Attendance at MSHS Athletic Events


We love the support our community provides our Mount Si athletic teams. Each home contest brings a large crowd of high school students, parents, community members, and middle school students.  The excitement and the energy give us a truly home-field advantage. Recently, however, some middle school students have engaged in unruly behavior at home football games.

To ensure that we provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for all our fans and visitors, we need to remind our families of a few rules for home contests. 

  • Middle school students should have school IDs with them.

  • An adult must accompany middle school students.

  • Students must identify themselves when asked by a staff member.

  • Appropriate school behavior is required at all times.

  • School dress code is in effect. 

Our high school administration team will contact the parent/guardian of a student who is not cooperating. If they fail to provide their name or their parent’s, they will be referred to our School Resource Officer and may incur additional school consequences, depending on the nature of the behavior. An immediate consequence may include removal from the game.

We love this community's pride and enthusiasm in our Wildcat athletics program and want to continue building our culture of excellence. Our high school team is currently exploring some long-term solutions so middle school students can interact with their friends and cheer on the Wildcats, while safely enjoying the game day experience.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  We also need your help and support. If your student plans to attend any Wildcat sporting event, please take the following steps:

  • Ensure that your middle school student has an adult who is responsible for them during their time visiting MSHS.

  • Review the above behavior expectations with your student and understand that MSHS officials will contact you if your student needs to be removed from the game.

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure we provide a positive and exciting experience for all at Wildcat athletic events.  Go Cats!