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What is the High School & Beyond Plan HSBP

What is the High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP)?

The completion of a High School and Beyond Plan is a Washington State high school graduation requirement for all students. The HSBP process begins in 7th grade, with updates, revisions and new activities occurring each year to guide students as they progress through middle and high school and prepare for their post-secondary aspirations.  

The High School & Beyond Plan includes the following components:

  • Identification of career goals, aided by a skills and career interest inventory assessment;
  • Identification of educational goals for graduation and beyond;
  • Four-year plan for course-taking in high school that fulfills state and local graduation requirements and aligns with the student's career and educational goals;
  • Resume or activity log by end of 12th grade that provides a written compilation of the student’s activities/athletics, leadership opportunities, work experience, or community service that can be used for writing personal statements, application essays, or scholarship applications;
  • When needed, interventions, academic support, and/or courses that enable a student to meet high school graduation requirements.

Students use online tools to create their HSBP.  Starting in the spring of 2020, we will switch from Naviance to School Data Solutions. The School Data Solutions HSBP platform is easy to navigate and provides a greater range of career choices than Naviance. 

Other advantages of School Data Solutions’ HSBP include:

  • Improved research content for professional, military, and technical careers;
  • Comprehensive information about training required, average salaries, and the schools, college programs, or apprenticeships available for each career;
  • Increased flexibility that allows students to take the interest & skills test multiple times, as their career interests evolve;
  • Consolidation of student HSBP data into a single location (School Data Solutions replaces Naviance AND My School Data);
  • A graduation tracking module for high school principals and counselors;
  • Parent access to review & monitor student progress.

All 7th and 8th grade students will complete all HSBP tasks in the School Data Solutions tool during their middle school Advisory class this spring.  More information on HSBP is available here.