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Private Counselor & Agency Referral List

A Supportive Community For All (SCFA) - (425) 470-5921

SCFA serves as a backbone for a group of organizations dedicated to transformative change and improving equitable outcomes in the Sno-Valley. While not a direct service provider, SCFA administers a collaborative Referral & Navigation program that connects community members to service providers, and service providers to each other. SCFA is a connector, supporter, and catalyst, strengthening the local safety net so that more community members are aware of — and connected to — the services they need.



  • SOUND MENTAL HEALTH - (206) 302-2300 - Located at the bottom of Snoqualmie Ridge.  This agency provides individual and family counseling services to the Valley.  They also have the ability to serve the adult community; for more information on service availability check
  • STEVEN CHICK- MA/LMHC - (425) 292-9438 - Steve has a private practice for children and families in downtown Snoqualmie.  He has had many experiences with working at schools within our district before opening his own practice.  He offers child and adolescent counseling, as well as couples and family therapy.  He is insurance eligible or charges $100 per session.
  • EASTSIDE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATES - (425) 292-3318 - With locations on Snoqualmie Ridge and Issaquah.
  • LYNETTE THORLAKSON - (435) 888-6551 ext. 6239,        
  • Heather Bradshaw, LMHC, NCC, ESA - (425) 470-2955 - Heather specializes in youth, young adults, and families.  She worked several years as a high school college counselor and school counselor before opening a private practice.  Her extensive experience in the K-12 school system enriches her support for students.  She specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship, and academic challenges.  Clients are seen virtually and in-person.

North Bend

  • FRIENDS OF YOUTH - (425) 888-4151 - This agency is located in North Bend and offers counseling to children, young adults and families, working both individually and with the family as a whole.  They offer a wide variety of parenting classes and groups. No consulting psychiatrist on staff. They offer a considerable sliding fee scale. 
  • REFLECTIONS COUNSELING - (425) 209-8216 - Jenna Patterson, along with her husband and one other practitioner, offer counseling to children of all ages, teens, and families. They utilize CBT, DBT, and other modalities to treat depression, anxiety, addiction, and family system issues. They accept Premera & Regence and some sliding scale spots as well. They try to be flexible with nights and weekend appointments available.
  • PAM WILLIAMSON - MSW/ACSW - (425) 831-5371 - Pam has a private practice for children, marriage and family counseling in North Bend.  She has worked with district schools for years.


  • JASON GROEPPER - (206) 331-0280 - Jason offers counseling to kids, teens, and parents, utilizing CBT, PCIT, and trauma-centered approaches to address depression, anxiety, ADHD, and drug use/addiction. He has a background in parent coaching. Also, he is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish. He accepts most insurance panels (except United and Aetna).
  • FULL CIRCLE COUNSELING - (425) 409-6414 - This counseling group of 8 practitioners focuses on teens, families, and children, using a variety of modalities, including: CBT, DBT, PCIT, and play therapy. They try to be flexible with their schedule, offering evening, weekend, and telephone appointments. Shannon Price, owner and therapist, has a background in education and therefore brings experience in working with children with learning disabilities, executive function struggles, and school avoidance. The group takes most insurance, no Medicaid, and has some sliding scale spots available.
  • CAROLE AIRONE - (425) 557-7898 - Carol has a private practice for children and families in downtown Issaquah at 545 Rainier Blvd. N. Suite 16.  She has a great deal of experience working with children, is skilled in play therapy and has been a school counselor at the elementary and middle school levels.  She has a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, is insurance eligible and has a sliding fee. 
  • RIVER VALLEY PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES - (425) 391-0887 - This office has a psychiatrist on staff and three different counselors in the practice.  Dr. David Forrest has 15 plus years of serving clients.  Dr. Janice Vick has a PHD in Psychology.  Beatrice Joe is a LMFT.
  • EARLINE ANDERSON - (425) 503-3467 - Earline is a licensed psychologist with a practice at 55 First Place NW in downtown Issaquah.  She has in-depth experience working with children and their parents.  Her practice is insurance eligible under most health care plans.  She offers a sliding fee scale to families for whom insurance coverage is not an option. 
  • PAUL A. ANDERSON (NO RELATION TO ABOVE PROVIDER) - (425) 455-2960 #2 - Paul is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor.  He works with Lutheran Counseling Network and has an office in Issaquah and Sammamish.  Paul works with children, couples and families around a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, issues related to divorce & blended families, child behavior and school problems.  He offers a sliding fee scale; his services can be covered by insurance depending on the provider.
  • JOHN MONTGOMERY- (425) 392-0277 ext. 3 - John is a licensed psychologist with the Northwest Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at 55 First Place NW in downtown Issaquah.  John’s quiet, calm manner helps children feel comfortable.  He is a skilled counselor and has extensive experience working with children and families.   
  • MELINDA JOHNSON - (425) 495-4163 Bold Living Counseling, Issaquah - This clinic has four practitioners and a therapy dog. Melinda is a ‘skills therapist’, using CBT and solution-focused therapies to work on anxiety, depression, under- and over-achievement issues, ADHD, emotional-regulation, and more. She finds that her therapy dog lightens everyone’s moods immediately, simply with her presence. As of 2/2019, they accept Premera insurance only and are in application for other major boards.


  • JANET CARTER (425) 453-2377  - Janet is a licensed M.S.W. with a practice at 12340 NE 8th Street, Suite 220, in Bellevue.  In her practice, she works with children eleven and older, adults, families, and couples.  She is very skilled, with a warm, soft-spoken manner that helps her establish a good relationship with adolescents.  She accepts a variety of insurances. 
  • B-GLAD – THE BISEXUAL, GAY, LESBIAN, TRANS & QUESTIONING ADOLESCENT Drop-in Group: (425) 747-4937 a free and confidential drop in group, Meets 6:30-8:00 p.m. Thursdays. Sponsored by Youth Eastside Services; 999 164th Avenue NE, Bellevue; Website:


  • MERRIE DAY (425) 747-0155 or (425) 895-7295 - Merrie is a registered play therapist and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in counseling services for eating disorders as well as child and family counseling.  Merrie's practice is at 10005 156th Place N.E. in Redmond.  
  • SOUND MENTAL HEALTH (425) 653-4960 Redmond, (425)653-4900 Bellevue - Sound Mental Health provides comprehensive outpatient counseling services to address a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, workplace concerns, and career transitions.  Individual, couple, family and group approaches are available.


  • ASIAN COUNSELING AND REFERRAL SERVICES (206) 695-7610 - This agency is located in Seattle in the International District.  Following an initial consultation with parents, options for support can include child and family counseling and parenting in the American culture.  Private insurance is accepted and there is a sliding fee scale available.
  • JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE (206) 461-3240 - This agency is located in Seattle and has services available on the Eastside.  Among the many services available, they offer individual, couple, family and group counseling as well as workshops for all faiths on issues of interest to parents and families.   

Crisis Services (Hotlines for Immediate Help)


  • Crisis Connections- WRAP/WISe (via Friends of Youth): (425) 292-0743 / 1-866-4CRISIS
  • Teen Link: 1-866-TEENLINK / (866) 833-6546
  • King County 2-1-1 (housing, rent/bills, shelter, community needs)


  • 24-Hour Crisis Line: (206) 722-3700, 1-800-244-5767, TTY: (206) 461-3219
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 or 1-800-784-2433

Drug & Alcohol

  •  Alcohol and Drug 24-Hour Line: (206) 732-3700, 1-800-562-1240
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (24 hr. hotline): (425) 454-4192
  • Washington Recovery Help Line: 1-866-789-1511
  • DSHS assessment and treatment services: 1-800-662-6715
  • Lakeside-Milam Recovery Center (assessment): (425) 392-8468

Domestic Violence

  • Eastside Domestic Violence 24-Hour Crisis Line: (425) 746-1940 or 1-800-827-8840
  • Teen Victims of Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline: (425) 746-1940

Sexual Abuse or Assault

  •  Eastside Sexual Assault Center for Children: (425) 688-5130
  • Child Abuse Crisis Line: (425) 649-4110
  • Children’s Response Center (206) 744-1600 (Services for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress)

Mental Health

  • WA Mental Health Referral for Children and Teens via Seattle Children’s:                                                                    
  • Ryther Child Center (inpatient beds, outpatient therapy): (206) 525-5050
  • Children’s Pediatric and Behavioral Medicine: (206) 744-1600
  • Seattle Children’s Home (residential care, therapy, assess.): (206) 298-9638 or (206) 298-9601
  • Overlake Specialty School (inpatient behavioral health): (425) 688-5425

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists 

WA Mental Health Referral for Children and Teens via Seattle Children’s:


  • INTERLAKE PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC - (Wang, Dicharry, and Golden): (425) 962-9511
  • JOHN PASTOR: (206) 406-1783
  • BETTY JONES: (425) 455-2938
  • STEVEN KATZ: (425) 688-7675
  • AMELIA PEREZ: (425) 453-8888
  • ILEANA CALINOIYU: (425) 641-8492
  • LARRY EINSPHAS: (425) 455-2818
  • THOMAS COLLINS: (425) 455-5440


  • STEPHEN GLASS: (425) 424-9200
  • ROBERT DEVNEY: (425) 481-0429 Ext. 2
  • MCDERMOTT: (425) 882-1697
  • GERALD ZANOLLI: (425) 869-2644
  • REBECCA SALTONSTALL: (425) 503-2750
  • EVERGREEN CLINIC: (425) 821-1810


  • EARLINE ANDERSON: (425) 396-7994
  • DANA SHAW: (425) 932-8679

North Bend

JULIA MURRAY (NB Clinic - Fridays): (425) 462-9511, (425) 888-5511 NB Tribal Clinic


  • THEODORE MANDELCORN: (206) 232-3456
  • BRIEN VLCEK: (206) 223-5501
  • DEBORAH WOOLEY: (206) 223-8866
  • PATRIC DARBY: (206) 243-5229
  • CHUCK LUND: (206) 624-1715

ADD/ADHD Assessment:


  • CAROLA BOZENBURG: (425) 454-3100


  • WANG/DR.GOLDEN (425) 462-9511


  • JOHN DUNNE: (206) 243-7383

Other Community Resources

  • Encompass
    Early learning support, pediatric therapy, and family enrichment: (425) 888-2777
  • Snoqualmie Valley Transit-                                                                                                                                                                                 Transportation door-to-door or following fixed routes: (425) 888-7001
  • Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank -
    Food, school supplies, connection to services: (425) 888-7832

  • Eastside Baby Corner
    Clothes, books, toys, diapers, baby equipment: (425) 865-0234

  • Hopelink -  
    Food bank, energy assistance, financial assistance.

  • Snoqualmie YMCA
    Full/partial scholarships available, 200 free showers/month.